SKAAR invites to a powerful journey in several shades of rock. This towering wall of melancholic noise started to come together when the classical voice of Karla Lesley Jaeger invited fellow musicians to join her secret project while at university in Bergen, Norway. In her words, this developed into something “magical and mystical”. Fate smiled on the collective, and soon their band evolved into the current line-up.

Progressive eclectic rock meeting alternative pop rock, the debut album is intensively catchy and beautifully mesmerising. Feed Me To The Stars was recorded in Glasgow with Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Anathema), and was released on 15th February 2019. On their album release tour, SKAAR sets off to win over yet more hearts and minds around Norway and Europe with their mind-altering live shows.

Only Radiohead and PJ Harvey has ever been able to create a similar effect in my long and extensive live music experience…I mean, there’s worse company with which a band could reside - Daniel Armani Adshead, Ihartpr, live review.


SKAAR sit somewhere between modern indie or alternative bands and the experimental or post-rock worlds. The tension between these two axes is felt on catchy tunes such as opener Beautiful War and Winter Tale, which recall Mew to some degree, another group who brilliantly fuse atmospheric leftfield antics with widescreen indie rock. - Alex Lynham, PROG Magazine, album review.

Anthemic riffs and haunting vocals – the Nordic band’s material sounds like the more feral B-sides of ‘OK Computer’-era Radiohead. - Thomas Smith, NME